Helping young, professional social workers change their lives for the better.


About Ark Angel

Ark Angel Solutions (AA) is the trading name for Charles Bell, a registered social worker with in excess of 30 years experience in child protection including recruitment.  Originally a specialist in juvenile justice Charles has moved in and out of international social worker recruitment since 2001 bringing social workers to the UK from a range of countries including Zimbabwe, India, Albania and Romania.

Recruitment to shortage occupations is linked to immigration policy.  At the present time AA concentrates on recruitment from within the European Union particularly Romania.

AA has placed about 300 social workers since 2001 with Romania being the principal source country.  Not only does AA have an established network of academics and Managers in Romania but has an intricate understanding of the recent history of the country in terms of social, political and economic context.  

In a sense AA is a partnership which involves you.  You are part of a team that ultimately delivers to UK local authorities the skills and talent that they are seeking.  A recipe for anything needs a number of ingredients: social workers; skills; knowledge about the system in the UK; excellent English and other small things.  Put it all together and you have success.

AA was in at the beginning being the first organisation to undertake strategic recruitment of Romanians for any occupation.  Since that time AA has placed social workers with more than twenty five Local Authorities in England and Wales.

This picture was taken at a recent reunion with six social workers in South Wales.  All took up post between 2003-5.  One has recently moved to Cardiff from London; three of the four remain with original employers with Cosmin moving to a neighbouring Local Authority.

Helping young professional social workers change their lives for the better” underpins international recruitment. Some people get tempted by opportunities to earn significant money without the security of sick pay, maternity pay and a good pension scheme where the employer makes a significant contribution. For those who choose to forge out a career, hopefully with their initial employer salaries close to or more than £100,000 a year are possible. Ana, now Assistant Director with CAFCASS, Alex, Cornelia and Codruta are examples. Many more have risen to Team Manager and Service Manager posts.

Giving Children's Services Departments access to international child protection social workers.